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ZOOM Whitening



Nothing captures the attentions of others like a bright, vivid smile.  White, healthy smiles add something to one's appearance like few other things can.  Perhaps this is the reason tooth bleaching has become so popular in recent years.

A host of professional and over-the-counter products offer promises of dramatic results, but nothing delivers results like professional chairside bleaching, In under an hour, you can whiten teeth dramatically--sometimes up to five shade or more!  ZOOM Advanced Power chairside bleaching is available only at your dentist's office and uses a safe, powerful, bleaching agent in combination with an intense light which releases the peroxide bleach's powerful whitening ability.

In addition to your ZOOM Chairside Treatment, patients who elect this treatment will be provided with take home trays and additional peroxide whitening bleach to use after their initial in-office treatment.  This allows for maximum whitening!

Vital bleaching systems, like ZOOM, work on the inner layer of tooth called the dentin. This yellowish layer shows through the translucent enamel of the crown.  Those with thinner enamel will show more of this coloration from the dentin layer and tend to have teeth that are less white and more yellow. Patients who have thicker enamel will tend to whiter teeth, with less yellowish dentin showing through. As such, individuals with yellowish teeth and thin enamel, will usually show much more dramatic results when a vital bleaching system such as ZOOM is employed.  Patients must understand that if your smile is relatively white already, it may not show the same dramatic results that patient's with thinner enamel will.

Schedule your bleaching session with our office for that special occasion or just as a personal indulgence.  You're sure to see the difference ZOOM Advanced Power chairside whitening will make in your smile.

(Patient's contemplating ZOOM Chairside Whitening must be aware that porcelain restorations and composite resin restorations will not whiten like natural tooth structure.  As such, patients with such restorations on anterior teeth may need to replace restoration after bleaching to achieve maximum asthetics.  In addition, leaking restorations, open cavities and other dental pathology may preclude certain patients from taking advantage of this procedure.  Patient's should also realize that tooth sensitivity may result from any bleaching system and this system is no different.  Sensitivity is typically transient and temporary, but in rare cases it can be significant.  Patient's should also understand that different teeth experience differing amounts of whitening.   Your dentist will provide you with an informed consent form detailing other things you need to know before doing ZOOM chairside bleaching.)


I-Brite In Office Whitening System

Our office also offers a more economical in office whitening system called I-Brite.  This system, is similar to the Zoom Whitening System, but can be had for considerably less. This professional, light activated whitening system can deliver comparable results at a considerable savings.  Using intense LED lighting at a specific wavelength, the I-Brite system is a more cost effective choice for those patients wanting a brighter smile on budget.  Ask our Front Desk Administrator for more information and current pricing and special on the I-Brite Whitening System.

While the I-Brite system does not come with a take home whitening "touch-up" kit like ZOOM, the option can be added for a nominal cost if you feel you'd like this option with your in-office whitening.  Even with the addition of a take home kit, I-Brite can save you money.