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Minor Patients

Kids 6 to 17


Dr. Titus sees children who are OVER five years of age.  While our office loves children, we find that children under six years of age need more time and attention than we can provide in our often busy, adult practice setting.  A pediatric practice is much better suited to providing the time, attention and special services often needed by the patient under six.

At no time, will our doctor force a child to accept treatment.  Children seen in an adult dental practice must be cooperative and willingly yield to treatment.  Those uncooperative children who are very anxious, will be referred to a Pedodontist, where sedatives, anti-anxiolytic medications and physical restrained (if necessary) can be employed.  Our primary objective for the child dental patient is to produce a patient that is not an adult dental phobic.  Enlisting the help of a Pedodontist in this measure can invaluable.

With all patients under the age of eighteen (except for emancipated minors), our office requires that a parent or legal guardian accompany the minor patient for the full duration of the dental appointment.  Should you desire to have a grandparent, aunt, uncle or adult sibling accompany your child to their dental appointment, a limited power of attorney, granting that adult the legal authority to make decisions for the child regarding dental issues, is required.  This form will also give us legal authority to discuss your child's care with the adult accompanying them and enter into legal contracts with regard to providing services.

Our office has this strict policy for several reasons:

1. Federal laws concerning privacy issues require that our office not disclose any medical/dental information of a patient--including those patients under 18 years of age--unless it is the parent or legal guardian of the minor patient.

2. A minor patient cannot consent to any required additional procedures, or to changes in a treatment plan that could arise.

3. Our office will not assume responsiblity for the safety, care or whereabouts of a minor patient once work is completed or before the patient is seated.  An responsible adult caregiver must be present to look after children during these times.

For these reasons, and others, we strictly enforce our minor patient policy and make this policy known on our website, our new patient paperwork, on signs in our waiting area and by other means.  Minor patients who present for an appointment without a proper guardian will not be seen and may encur broken appointment charges for a missed appointment due to this factor.

Our office can provide parents and guardians with a "Limited Power of Attorney" form which you can fill out and have notorized, so that a person other than a parent or legal guardian may accompany the child to their appointment.  Once this form is completed, it will be kept in the patient's chart and will remain in force until written notice is given revoking the document.

Your cooperation with this office policy is essential to limit our liability and is much appreciated.