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Implant Retained Overdentures

Today's dental patient contemplating a full denture, has the option of using dental implants to make the complete denture stable and more functional with the help of dental implants.  These Titanium Oxide cylinders are placed into the jaw bone and after a brief healing period, connectors which attach to the denture insure a sound, strong and rigid denture.  Many who wear dentures find the movement and unseating of the denture during daily wear problematic.  By stabilizing the denture with implants, a new world of freedom, security and confidence is had.  Dentures can be stabilized with as few as two implants, but for maximum stability 4 or more may be required.  Should you wish to explore this type of treatment option for your denture, Dr. Titus will be glad to discuss the treatment and provide you with an idea as to what costs are involved.

For the many patients who've taken advantage of implant retained overdentures, we have found all of them well pleased with their investment.  Best yet, wisely placed implants can often be "repurposed" at a later date to support fixed bridgework--an additional procedure that can completely eliminate the need for a denture!  Such bridgework acts and feels like one's own teeth and is cared for the same way--with the patient never having to remove their teeth.