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Contact Dr. Titus for true dental emergencies 24 hours a day at:

Corona-Virus Update:

Our office is aware of the recent surge in new Covid-19 cases, and while we had relaxed many measure we had in place a year ago, many procedures are still in place. We believe the available Covid-19 vaccines are providing fully vaccinated individuals some protection, but in light of the high incidence of break-through infections, precautionary measures for all is still wise. We still encourage you to come alone to your appointment, where a mask while in our waiting area, and practice social distancing. We have limited the number of patients seen each day to make this social distancing easier. Any patient who is knowingly sick or has a fever should notify us and cancel any appointments.

The following pre-cautions are still in place, and as the situation changes we will act accordingly:

Air scrubbers in all treatment areas
Measures to make treatment room disinfection easier
Covid-19 Questionnaires and Temperature monitoring
Mask required for all patients -- vacinnated and unvaccinated.
Shields and regular disinfection of our waiting area.
Universal precaution protocol in place, as is always the case.